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10 New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Lovers

If you’re after motivation to stick to your 2019 goals, then your pup’s doleful loyal eyes should be enough to keep you going!

New Year’s resolutions often fail to make it past the end of January because the enthusiasm wanes and the motivation wobbles. However, we believe that if you choose some dog-friendly New Year’s resolutions, you’ll still be loyally sticking to them come July.

We also realise that in our busy lives we sometimes let some aspects of pet parenthood slide. New Year is the time to get things back on track. Dogs love routine and routine helps you stick to your resolution. Build these elements into your 2019 doggy routine, then you’re on to a winner.

Resolution #1: the daily walk

Stick to those new year resolutions with these 10 suggestions for dog lovers

You’ve made it through November and December, you’re now on the home stretch till spring! The ground should be less squelchy and more a case of crisp crunching. Make 2019 the year you reaffirm your promise to take your pooch on at least one decent walk a day.

What’s more, this particular resolution can meet so many other goals too. Perhaps you want to resolve to spend more time with your partner – get off the screens and out for a walk! Perhaps you want to resolve to take more exercise – great, get Rover in on the act! If you want a loyal workout partner who won’t ditch you when the chocolate cake comes calling, your four-legged pal is your ‘man’.

Resolution #2: Look after your heart

Did you know that being a dog owner is good for your cardiovascular health? It’s not just all that exercise you’re getting either. Your loyal dog is a valuable source of support and companionship, which lowers your cortisol (stress hormone) levels. In fact, the effects are so marked that dog owners actually live longer!

So, if you want relaxation but are failing to stick to your meditation routine, and want to be healthier, then spend more time with your dog!

Resolution #3: a dog is for life

Unfortunately, despite all the messages for years about dogs being for life, this is still a bad time of year for dogs. Many will need to be fostered or adopted over the coming months as they didn’t quite fit the bill of Christmas expectations.

Make a resolution to give something ‘back’ by either volunteering at a dog charity, or donating to your local dog fostering and adoption services. You could even consider foster another pooch yourself.

Resolution #4: Give them a bit more time

They don’t mean to make you feel guilty but they do. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for everyone, let alone your faithful friend. What’s great about this resolution is that we aren’t expecting you to magic up some more time.

Remove the guilt by booking your dog in for regular doggy day care while you’re at work. Your dog gets love, attention, socialisation and walks, and you get to say goodbye to that guilt factor. If you’re not after full day care then we also offer a dog walking service in North London too. Get in touch with us to make arrangements.

Resolution #5: Grubs up

Have you ever stopped to think what you’re feeding your pooch? Did you even know that it matters? Dogs are what they eat, much like humans. Therefore, make 2019 the year that you actually find out the different health benefits of different dietary options.

Furthermore, if your dog has grown from puppy to adulthood, or is heading towards their senior years, their dietary needs change too. Take the time to do some research and discover the best diet for your breed and age of dog.

Also, if your pup has piled on a few pounds of late, now is a good time to get back in the habit of measuring out their food each meal time. You may be inadvertently overfeeding them.

Resolution #6: Bath time!

The simplest way to manage the grooming needs of your dog is to make it part of your regular routine. Therefore ensure bath time and home grooming are both on the agenda. However, also make regular bookings at the groomers. They can ensure your dog’s coat, teeth and feet are in top notch condition.

Again, if your busy life makes this hard, choose The Wag Club. Grooming can be organised as a standalone experience, or taken care of as part of your doggy day care needs.

Resolution #7: Discover somewhere new

It can be tough to get out and about to new places. However, dogs are a brilliant icebreaker. Take your hound for a walk in a new area, or to discover a new dog-friendly pub, and realise the benefits of simply visiting somewhere new. Make it your mission to head out somewhere different once a month.

You can also use your pup as a reason to hunt down pet-friendly places to rent on Airbnb or Booking.com, so that you can really get away and discover a new destination.

Resolution #8: It’s time to up the playdates

The more socialised the dog, the more sociable they’ll be. There’s a tendency to gradually withdraw if your hound exhibits any anti-social behaviour. However, with a spot of training and careful management, you can tackle the problem head-on.

Encourage socialisation with friendly and familiar dogs by arranging shared walks and play experiences. By socialising regularly they will be less likely to redevelop their social nervousness.

Resolution #9: Book in an MOT at the vets

At your dog’s annual booster, the vet should also give them the once over. However, this is a cursory check and won’t pick up any significant problems lurking just out of sight. It’s not a bad idea, particularly if your dog is getting on in years, to book them in for a general wellbeing check-up. Uncovering problems early on can help you prepare, manage any illnesses, and meet their costs.

Resolution #10: Go back to school!

Still having problems with behaviour? You can teach old dogs new tricks. It’s never too late to go back to training classes.

Sometimes the act of going to training classes is enough to give you the impetus to stay firmly on top of the unwanted behaviour. It can also be a way of getting hints and tips to tackle those problem areas.

With a weekly class you’ll find your resolution easy to commit to.

So which dog lover’s New Year Resolutions are going to be yours in 2019?