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Our Dog Day Care Centre In Muswell Hill North London

Our flagship The Wag Club site in Muswell Hill offers the crème de la crème of dog day care centres London UK. Trendsetters in first-rate care for all canine friends; our doggy day care in Muswell Hill offers something truly unique and exceptional. By using The Wag Club you can be sure that your dog will receive exceptional care and socialisation, meaning just a happy wag and a chilled out snuggle at the end of your working day.

Doggy Day Care in Muswell Hill

We are passionate about pooches. When you choose The Wag Club you will receive:

  • A complete dog day care centre London UK: top of the range food (including owner choices) and exciting walks are just the basics, alongside love for your dog, entertainment, companionship and additional services.
  • Flexible service: get the hours you need and the care you want.
  • Cage-free, safe, ‘home-from-home’ environment with constant supervision across separate rooms for big and small dogs, and puppies up to 6 months.
  • Varied walks in safe and known environments, accompanied by pet first-aid trained professional walkers. The disused railway trails of the area make a perfect spot for some frolicking exercise and sniffing in pack sizes of no more than 5 dogs.
  • Additional services available include: grooming at The Wag Club Spa, professional photography, dog-lover’s shopping, and The Wag Club Taxi service to collect and drop off your dog.
  • Trustworthy, reliable, trained and professional dog-carers.

Why Choose The Wag Club?

Socialising is as essential for dogs, as is regular exercise and careful nutrition. These three tenets should be the focus of dog day care.

However, not all doggy day care centres London UK are created equally. Your beloved pup may not be able to tell you directly, but if they don’t receive the right care you can be sure their behaviour will let you know. At The Wag Club we are founded on principles rooted in doggy boutique care in New York and Los Angeles, and advice from trained dog behaviourists alongside pure love for all things canine. We take doggy day care in the UK to a new level.

You can rest assured that your dog is not just cared for appropriately, but actively loved and enjoyed. With us, your pooch will thrive and with that, your peace of mind. We only consider our job done when the tails are wagging and the owners are smiling.

Get in Touch

If your pup is scratching at the door desperate to sign up for doggy day care in Muswell Hill, lend him a paw by emailing us at muswellhill@wag-club.co.uk or give us a call on 020 8365 2226. If you’ve got all the details to hand then go ahead and Register. We’re pretty good at interpreting barks, but non-opposable thumbs make keyboards tricky – so help them out!

The Wag Club Muswell Hill

Viaducts 1 & 2

St James Lane

London, N10 3QX

Hours: Mon – Fri: 07:30 – 19:00 Sat & Sun: Closed

Phone: 020 8365 2226

Email: Muswellhill@wag-club.co.uk