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Dog Day Care & Puppy Day Care In London

Discover our wonderful dog day care services.


Research shows that socialising with other dogs is a vital stage in a dog’s development. Furthermore, it’s impossible for busy dog owners to meet the needs of their dog on a daily basis without help. The Wag Club Dog Day Care is what you need.

Our much-loved dog day care offers a safe, friendly and cage-free environment for your dog. This ensures tails are always wagging at The Wag Club.

From the moment your pooch takes their first steps through our daycare doors, they will be sniffing with delight. They will receive all the love, care and attention they need by our trained professionals.


Doggy Day Care London

We have so much fun, we wish we were the hounds! At The Wag Club dog day care we have every amenity you would expect and more:

  • Separate rooms: We want every dog to feel comfortable and happy at The Wag Club. Therefore, we have separate rooms according to the needs of your dog with ‘big dogs’, ‘small dogs’ and puppies under 6 months all catered for separately.
  • Walkies: We walk dogs twice a day in carefully chosen small packs. Walks are varied according to the needs of your dog but will include plenty of different routes with different smells to enjoy. Walks are carried out by our professional walkers who are pet first aid trained.
  • Dog Mad Carers: At The Wag Club we all adore dogs. We’re mad for them. Supervision takes place by supervised professionals who really want to be with your dog.
  • Mealtimes: We stick to your dog’s routine and preferred menu.
  • Safety: Safety is core to all of our activities at The Wag Club. Please ensure your pooch is up-to-date of vaccinations, and bring evidence when they first come.


Why Choose The Wag Club

Just as your canine pal is one in a million, so are we. We are a unique doggy day care founded on the principles of love, care and fun for your dog, and ease and flexibility for you. Here’s what makes us stand out from the crowd:

  • Say goodbye to car time: We focus on ensuring there is always minimal travel time to and from The Wag Club premises. Many out of town dog day care centres leave your pooch confined and unhappy with up to 3 hours each day spent in the car. We believe this isn’t what you’re paying for or what you really want. Therefore, we are never more than a 20 minute drive door-to-door. It means less travel, more play!
  • Flexibility: We know that your dog’s wellbeing is important to you, but that you have a busy life. We aim to work around your requirements. Bend our ear on what you need and let’s see how we can help.
  • Extended hours: We know your work life doesn’t fit nicely in to 9-5 so neither does ours. Our doggy day care London is available from 7.30am Monday to Friday.
  • The Wag Club Taxi Service: Our professional staff are always happy to spend more time with your pooch. If it’s easier for you, you can book the Wag Club Taxi service which will pick-up and drop-off your dog at our centre meaning it’s not another thing to squeeze in to your day.


Book in for Dog Daycare in London

We care passionately about each and every dog that we welcome to The Wag Club doggy daycare. We can’t wait to meet you, but we really can’t wait to meet your pooch.

Give us a call or Register Today. Let’s get those tails wagging.