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Long Car Trips and Your Dog

For a few dogs, there’s nothing better than an exciting car ride. For many others, though, it’s a terrifying experience.

Long Car Trips and Your Dog

Why Do Car Rides Place Stress on Dogs?

It’s hard to tell why some dogs are afraid of a car ride, but it’s one of the most common dog phobias. Likely one of the reasons dogs may not enjoy a long car ride is that they don’t like the vibrations and sounds associated with it. While it seems very natural to us, seeing everything whizz by at a fast speed along with the constant hum of the engine and the vibration of the floor would be very disquieting to many dogs. Add that to the unfamiliar smells in the car, and you have a recipe for anxiety.

But I Can’t Just Leave Him At Home!

With more and more people using dog day care services which are based out of London, the recurring theme with many owners, is the concern about the amount of time their dogs are spending travelling to and from their doggy nurseries. It’s quite possible that dogs are spending the best part of 3 hours a day in the car.

Fortunately, we can help. The Wag Club are your local, urban alternative. On your doorstep, we offer the inner city pup the dog day care they SHOULD be having! We’ll always make sure your dog is cared for and happy with us, with all the fun, frolics, walks and cuddles they could ever wish for. We offer a licensed, insured and cage-free environment that’s supervised around the clock. You can even schedule daycare taxi services so we can handle pick-up and drop-off for you!!

Stop pushing your pooch to spend a few hours a day in the car and instead let them spend that time with their poochy pals in day care. Give The Wag Club a call today to learn more about how we can help!