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For the supply of services by The Wag-Club

  1. Incorporation and Definitions

1.1 These terms and conditions are incorporated into all contracts between The Wag-Club and the client/ customer “you”. The Wag – Club is a trading name of The Wag – Club Ltd Company Number 8869901. Registered at 201 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 4QG. Trading address: 11A Swains Lane, London, N6 6QX.

1.2 The terms of the contract for services (defined in paragraph 1.4) shall only be contained in any acceptance or acknowledgement issued by The Wag – Club and these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions shall not be removed or varied in any way without the written consent of a director of The Wag – Club.

1.3 Any price or offer to provide services by The Wag – Club (whether contained on any website or in any brochure or otherwise) are an indication only of the type of services provided and the range of charges made. No contract shall come into existence until The Wag – Club has confirmed the specific provision of services to you and the price for those services or The Wag – Club has commenced providing the services pursuant to your request in which event The Wag – Club’s standard prices (unless otherwise detailed to you) shall apply. 

1.4 The Wag – Club provides the following services: Day Care, Walking, Grooming, and Photography.

1.5 All contracts for services with The Wag – Club must be made expressly through the website or personal enquiry at The Wag – Club premises. No contract for services should be made with any agent, carer or trainer of The Wag – Club and The Wag – Club will not accept any such contract for services until (if at all) confirmed by The Wag – Club to you in writing. 

  1. Provision of Services and Limitation of Liability

2.1 The Wag – Club and its employees and agents shall endeavour to provide the Services in a reliable and trustworthy manner and in turn you give consent that your dog will be walked, boarded and/ or in doggy day care at premises where he/ she will be mixing with other dogs from different households.

2.2 In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof you expressly waive any and all claims against The Wag – Club or its employees and agents and accept that The Wag – Club does not accept liability for any loss, injury, death or damages or other financial claims of whatsoever nature for any dog whilst in their care to the fullest extent that such liability can be excluded under English Law. 

2.3 The Wag – Club regrettably does not accept aggressive dogs, anti – social unruly or untrained dogs, dogs that choke themselves on their leash, Category 1 & 2 dogs or any wolf hybrids. You must make full disclosure of any behavioural pattern or characteristic which might make your dog unsuitable for interaction. Failure on your part to disclose any matter which might render your dog unsuitable for the provision of Services will be deemed a material omission amounting to a fundamental breach of the Services agreement. If your dog becomes unruly and/ or aggressive, and/ or anti – social whilst under the care of The Wag – Club, The Wag – Club reserves the right to move the dog into an isolation area. In this event you will be informed as soon as reasonably practicable and additional charges may apply.

2.4 You understand that all dogs must be registered with a veterinarian and must be up to date with all treatments and vaccinations and that proof of this must be provided on first visit or subsequent request. Failure to do so will mean that The Wag – Club will either be unable to provide the services or at its discretion will place your dog in isolation and additional charges may apply.

2.5 The Wag – Club premises opening hours are as follows: 7:30am – 7pm Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm Saturday’s and 10am – 4pm Sunday’s. Pick-up times starting at 7am. The Wag – Club will do its upmost to pick up and drop off your dog at the required time but is unable to guarantee specific times.

  1. Cancellation of Services by You

3.1 Cancellations for contracts and services must be received 2 clear days prior to a scheduled service in which case a credit for the services will be issued. All other cancellations or missed services will be charged by The Wag – Club at the full price as if attended.

3.2 The Wag – Club may suspend or cancel the provision of services or contract if there is a breach or fundamental breach by you of those contract terms or in the event of non-payment for the services.

  1. General

4.1 The Wag – Club accepts that it may not always be possible for you to be available for the collection or return of your dog at the scheduled time. Provided you have notified The Wag – Club in advance of a designated person nominated by you, The Wag – Club will allow the dropping off or collection of your dog by that designated person. The Wag – Club reserve the right to require such identification as The Wag – Club reasonably consider necessary from either you or such designated person to satisfy The Wag – Club of the correct person. The Wag – Club will take all reasonable precautions to establish that you or the designated person drop off or collect your dog and you authorise The Wag – Club to accept any instructions or additional request for services or agreement to additional charges given to The Wag – Club by your designated person. 

4.2 Provided The Wag – Club have taken reasonable steps in the circumstances to verify the identity of the person dropping off or collecting the dog, The Wag – Club will not accept any liability for loss or otherwise resulting therefrom. 

4.3 Additional charges may apply if either you or the designated person is unable to pick up your dog at the scheduled time. Additional charges will be applied at The Wag – Club standard hourly rate.

4.4 If dogs are not collected during the standard opening hours of The Wag – Club, the contract for services will be amended and will be deemed to be a Wag – Club hotel stay. The standard charges of The Wag – Club will apply in respect of this variation of services. 

4.5 If you are not at the contracted drop off point when The Wag – Club attempts to drop off your dog at the previously arranged time and if The Wag – Club are unable to contact you or the designated person, the contract for services will be varied accordingly and additional charges, day time rates or The Wag – Club hotel rates will apply. 

4.6 If The Wag – Club is not satisfied by the identity of either you or the designated person, The Wag – Club may refuse to release the dog from their care and additional charges for the extended stay may apply. 

4.7 If your dog is not released or collected for a period of 7 days after the original contracted pick up date and The Wag – Club are unable (after making reasonable effort) to contact you, The Wag – Club will do their utmost to arrange long term care for the dog (additional charges at The Wag – Club hotel rates will apply). If after a further 7 days the dog has not been collected by you or the designated person, The Wag – Club reserve the right to rehome the dog. In this event all charges incurred up to the rehousing together with a reasonable administration charge will still be due from you. 

4.8 The Wag – Club does not accept liability for loss or damage to your or the dogs belongings whilst left with us. The Wag – Club will use reasonable endeavours to return all belongings in the same condition as they were received.

4.9 Where The Wag – Club has been given possession of keys to your premises The Wag – Club will take all reasonable care to ensure the keys are kept securely and to ensure that any alarms are correctly activated and doors properly locked. The Wag – Club will not accept any liability for loss, damage or break-ins that may occur to your premises all such liability upon The Wag –Club is excluded to the fullest extent permitted by English Law.

  1.     The Wag – Club will endeavour to adhere to any specific dietary requirements for your dog which you notify to The Wag – Club. The Wag – Club are able to provide for all dogs in our care further details and charges are available on request. 
  1. Charges

5.1 You agree to pay The Wag – Club for all services rendered in accordance with the specific charge agreed and detailed to you in writing or where no charge has been specifically agreed in accordance with the standard list of charges of The Wag – Club at the time the services were provided a copy of which will be provided by The Wag – Club upon request or may be available on the website. 

5.2 All pre-booked services must be paid for prior to the services being undertaken by The Wag – Club. Additional unforeseen charges such as extended stays, supplies or veterinarian fees will be invoiced at the relevant time and payment will be due within 14 days of the invoice or notification of the charges. Normally payment will be taken by either cash or credit/ debit card and you authorise The Wag – Club to debit such charges in accordance with these terms and conditions.

  1. Indemnity

6.1 You agree to indemnify The Wag – Club against any harm or claim for damages or loss that may be incurred by The Wag – Club or claimed against The Wag – Club by any third party caused by your dog whilst in the care of The Wag –Club or the subject of the services by The Wag – Club. 

  1. Veterinarian Care

7.1 If The Wag – Club reasonably considers that your dog needs medical attention or care whilst in the care of The Wag – Club or the subject of the services and you have not advised The Wag – Club of any specific requirements of any insurance that you may have for your dog The Wag – Club will proceed with what they consider to be the best interests of the dog and take any steps they reasonably consider necessary for your dog. In such circumstances The Wag – Club will take reasonable endeavours to try to contact you to obtain your instruction but you authorise The Wag – Club to take whatever steps they consider necessary in the best interests of your dog and agree to indemnify The Wag – Club against any costs or charges incurred by The Wag – Club to a veterinarian or otherwise and you further authorise that such charges may be debited from any debit or credit card of yours details of which our held by The Wag – Club. 

 7.2    The Wag-Club will also endeavour at your request (or those of your veterinary practitioner) and in accordance with (where it is practical to receive these) written instructions from you or your veterinary practitioner to administer medication or treatment to your dog as per those instructions. The Wag-Club does not accept liability for any loss, cost or damage you may suffer or incur, or liability for injury or death to your dog as a consequence of administering medication, unless the instructions have not been correctly followed by us.

  1. Matters outside the control of The Wag – Club

8.1 The Wag – Club will not be liable to you or be deemed to be in breach of the contract for services by reason of any delay in performing or failure to perform the services if that delay or failure was due to illness or incapacity of the companies employees or agents or to any cause beyond the companies reasonable control. 

  1. General

 9.1           Each of the limitation or exclusion clauses above are to be construed                                

                 Limitation or exclusion and all clauses shall be severable such that 

                 each clause may survive and applu (to its maximum extent) even if 

                for any reason other clauses are held inapplicable, unreasonable or 


 By ticking this box you agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions