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Socialisation: One Step You Shouldn’t Overlook

Keeping your dog healthy, happy, and safe is an absolute must. The responsibilities of being a pet owner can be a bit overwhelming, though. After all, you have to have regular checkups, take your dog for walks, handle all of the hygiene chores, and more. One step you may overlook, though, if you really want your dog to be as well as possible is socialisation.

Socialisation: One Step You Shouldn’t Overlook

What Is It?

The goal of socialisation is to teach your dog that the world is actually very safe, and so are the other humans and pets inside it. If you do it correctly, you’ll have a confident dog who is ready to play in any situation without aggressiveness or fear.

Socialisation typically takes place when the puppy is less than 16 weeks of age. If your dog is older, though, don’t worry. You can still properly socialise him or her, it just takes a bit longer. The benefits of this important development step are enormous. First, It helps your dog understand how to behave in a number of different situations. He or she will begin to learn how to react to other dogs, other people (including children), and what to do when the chaos that is so often life today happens. The second benefit of socialisation is to help your pet lose his or her fear in certain settings. Often dogs can be fairly timid creatures, and that means they’re terrified in situations you wouldn’t expect. Good socialisation will help to eliminate that fear, which can often lead to stress and health worries for your pet.

How Can I Make Sure My Dog is Properly Socialised?

One way to make sure your dog makes the connections he or she should is to consider The Wag Club. A special doggy day care center, the Wag Club means the safest possible environment, and it’s completely cage free. Here, your dog can interact with lots of others under the watchful eye of a trained professional. Close by, your pooch will love the morning and afternoon walks, great food, and the time he or she gets to spend with other dogs.

Let us help you socialise your dog. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help.