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£40 full day stay
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£25 per day

The Wag Club Branches

You can find us in North and North-West London

Doggy Day Care West Hampstead


Address: 384 Finchley Road London
Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 18:30 Phone: 020 7435 4111
Licence number: AWBORD/21/64191

Doggy Day Care Muswell Hill


Address: Viaducts 1 & 2 St James Lane London
N10 3QX
Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 19:00 Phone: 020 8365 2226
Licence number: LN000015510

Doggy Day Care Golders Green

doggy day care golders green

Address: 26 St Albans Lane, London
NW11 7QE
Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 18:30 Phone: 020 8209 3095
Licence number: AWBORD/21/65139


  • The Wag Club Beginnings

    In late 2013, Jamie - who now sits on the Board of Directors for the Pet Industry Federation - returned home from Los Angeles with his dog Boo in tow but he couldn’t find a day care which suited his needs. They were all outside London which meant a travel time of over 2 hours each way. That didn’t seem quite right, so after many months of planning, The Wag Club was born…

  • The Wag Club is Born

    The Wag Club started out in Highgate with just one dog on our first day. Within a matter of months, we were full so we relocated to our current unit in Muswell Hill where we have the beautiful Parkland Walk right over our door step which leads through to Ally Pally...

  • daycare2

    The Second Branch

    In January 2017, we opened our second branch in West Hampstead as we looked to spread our doggy love far and wide. We filled this within 6 months, so we have now learnt our lesson and decided that big is beautiful by relocating to 3,000sq ft of space; just a 5 minute walk to Hampstead Heath...

  • golders_green

    The Third Branch

    We are opening our Golders Green branch in January 2022. After such a difficult couple of years for everyone, we were delighted to be able to extend our daycare offering further afield and this time we found 5,500 sq ft of space just moments from Hampstead Heath.

  • today


    Today, the Wag Club has grown into the most in-demand inner city day care in London. We provide total peace of mind and a service that will always be there for you. If you don’t believe us, come and see for yourselves. No minimum days but more importantly, minimal travel time. Our No.1 priority is that your dog is safe, but beyond that, we want your pup to love every minute they spend with us and to be howling for more. Your pooch will not just be cared for, it will be loved like one of our own…

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  • The Wag Club: Delivering Exceptional Doggy Care in North London
  • When it comes to the well-being of our furry friends, there's no compromise. For dog owners in North London, The Wag Club stands out as a beacon of excellence in the realm of doggy care. With a focus on providing a safe, nurturing, and enjoyable environment for dogs, The Wag Club has become the most sought-after doggy day care in the city.
  • Founded by Jamie in late 2013, The Wag Club had humble beginnings. Jamie, accompanied by his dog Boo, returned from Los Angeles to find that none of the available day cares in London met his requirements. The existing options were located far outside the city, resulting in hours of travel time. Recognizing the need for a better solution, Jamie embarked on a mission to create a doggy day care that offered convenience without compromising on quality.
  • The Wag Club started with just one dog on its first day, operating from a location in Highgate. The demand quickly grew, and within months, the facility was at full capacity. To accommodate the growing number of satisfied clients, The Wag Club relocated to its current unit in Muswell Hill. Situated near the picturesque Parkland Walk, with the stunning Ally Pally within reach, this location provides the perfect backdrop for dogs to explore and play.
  • The success of the first branch prompted The Wag Club to expand its reach. In January 2017, the second branch opened its doors in West Hampstead, offering doggy care to a wider community. Within six months, the branch reached its capacity, prompting The Wag Club to relocate once again. Now occupying a spacious 3,000 square feet just a short stroll away from Hampstead Heath, the West Hampstead branch has ample room for dogs to frolic and enjoy their time in a loving environment.
  • Building on the foundation of success, The Wag Club opened its third branch in Golders Green in January 2022. This expansion allowed the club to extend its exceptional daycare services to even more dog owners. Spanning an impressive 5,500 square feet, the Golders Green location ensures that dogs have ample space to roam and socialize, all while being conveniently located near Hampstead Heath.
  • Today, The Wag Club has become the go-to destination for dog owners seeking the best care for their beloved pets. With a commitment to providing total peace of mind, The Wag Club offers a service that is always reliable and readily available. Unlike other daycare facilities, there is no minimum requirement for the number of days a dog must attend. The club's focus is not just on safety but also on ensuring that each dog has a delightful experience, leaving them eager for their next visit. At The Wag Club, every pooch is not just cared for; they are loved as if they were one of the team's own.
  • Whether you choose the North London branches in West Hampstead, Muswell Hill, or Golders Green, you can be confident that The Wag Club will exceed your expectations. With their knowledgeable staff, impeccable facilities, and dedication to creating a nurturing environment, The Wag Club ensures that your four-legged companion receives the care they deserve. So why wait? Visit The Wag Club today and witness firsthand the joy and happiness they bring to the lives of countless dogs and their owners.

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