The Benefits of Dog Walking Services

By nipperharris

Benefits of dog walking

We all know that walking our four-legged friend is important, and we all know that we should take our pooch out for a walk at least twice a day. However, fitting a walk into a busy schedule is not always that easy, and there may be occasions when your dog misses out. This is where a dog walking service can come in handy, ensuring your pupper gets the exercise he or she needs, while you're at work.

Dog walking services

Doggy walking services can be something of a lifeline, and they are ideal if your pooch has been left at home alone while you're at work. The trusted dog walker will come to your place to pick up your four-legged friend and go out for an hour's walk. This little socialisation allows your pooch to exercise and get the attention they need during the day when you're not there. Not only will your dog be walked, but they will also be walked with other dogs, adding a bit more enjoyment to their day. Just imagine they have doggy friends of their own who they look forward to seeing every day!

Being a part of a pack

Dogs are naturally pack animals and need to be around other dogs from time to time. Here is where a dog walking service can step in and give your dog the enjoyment they need. Your furry friend can be walked with other dogs should you wish them to, but they can also be walked alone. We know that your dog is unique in their own little ways, which means they have their own foibles and quirks, and they should be treated as individuals.

Looking after your dog

We take pride in looking after your dog because we know that your dog is more than a pet; your pooch is a member of your family, and you care about them dearly, which means we do too! We recognise the importance to look after the well-being of someone else's four-legged friend. This is why we put a lot of care and effort into making sure your furry friend is happy, every step of the way. We're also aware of how important it is to ensure your dog gets enough exercise as it provides them with both physical and mental stimulation. A dog that isn't exercised enough may become bored, and they may start to act out. For example, they may chew your favourite slippers to pieces, decide to use your sofa as a toy and rip out the filling. There's also a chance that your dog may become aggressive as frustration builds up, and this can be avoided with adequate exercise.

While you're at work

By having a regular dog walker while you're at work, you can relax in the knowledge that your pooch will be walked as often as they need to be. Depending on how long you'll be away from the pooch, you can opt for one or two walks a day. Our team of trained doggy walkers knows how to make their time with your dog an enjoyable one. Our walkers will take your dog to places they know they will love. This allows your dog to get fresh air and the exercise needed. That means your dog has the chance to walk, run, and scamper on the grass, to stretch all four of their legs, and to enjoy themselves just as every dog should!

Keeping your furry friend happy

We know that you don't want to leave your furry friend at home all day, especially the puppy eyes they gave you when they realised you're about to leave the house each morning. And we know that sometimes you're just too busy to give them the amount of exercise they need. Let the experts here at The Wag Club help by offering what we think is the best dog walking north London you can find. With a regular dog walking sessions scheduled, you can now stop worrying and feel guilty about your pooch while you're at work. Leave the dog walking with us, ensuring your four-legged friend is happy, content, and well exercised by the time you get home. Give us a call on 020 8365 2226 to see what kind of service we can offer you and your pooch.

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