The Halloween Tips from The Wag Club

by jamie

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The spooooky season is almost upon us and that means some fantastically frightening fun for the whole family. So whether you’re going all out and dressing your pup up, or skipping the tricks and heading straight to the treats, here’s some tips for keeping your pooch entertained and safe at Halloween…

Tricks for Treats

There is no better time to brush up on some of your training tricks than Halloween or even to introduce some new ones! There are some great Halloween themed dog treats out there or you could even make your own pet-friendly ones!

Carve a Puppy Pumpkin

Why not go all out and show off your carving skills by decorating your pumpkin in honour of your pup this Halloween?!

Dress Up

If your pup is up for it then why not?! Just remember to choose an outfit that fits comfortably and doesn’t come with any small (and possibly edible) pieces attached.

Keep decorations, sweets and chocolate out of reach

The chances are, that with some possible trick or treaters knocking on your door, you’re likely to have more sweets and chocolate around your home. Just remember that these are toxic for dogs so be extra vigilant. Likewise, be sure to keep all decorations out of reach and keep them some where that they can’t be chewed!

Beware the Escape Artists

If you are visited by trick or treaters, always make sure that your dog is kept somewhere safe and away from the door. It provides an opportunity for more crafty pups to sneak out so maybe be extra careful and ensure that an ID tag is worn at all times

As always, be sensible with your four-legged friends. If you sense they’re getting anxious about the noise and / or number of people around, it’s best to move them somewhere that they feel more comfortable and relaxed – somewhere quiet. Likewise, if you’re worried they may have eaten something they shouldn’t, have your vet’s details to hand and call them immediately. They will need to know what was eaten, how much and when it was consumed.

Fingers crossed that your Halloween goes off without a bang (we’ll save them for firework’s night!!) and that all of the family have a fiendishly fun filled day and night!!

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