Doggy DAY CARE Golders GREEN

If you're seeking exceptional dog boarding services in Golders Green, look no further than The Wag Club. Nestled within this vibrant North London neighborhood, The Wag Club offers a premier boarding experience for your furry friend.

When it comes to entrusting the care of your dog to others, The Wag Club stands out as a beacon of excellence. Their team of dedicated and experienced professionals understands the importance of providing a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment for dogs while their owners are away.

At The Wag Club in Golders Green, your dog will enjoy spacious accommodations and ample room to roam and play. The facility spans an impressive 5,500 square feet, ensuring that your pup has plenty of space to stretch their legs and socialize with other canine companions.

Safety is of utmost importance at The Wag Club. The staff maintains a vigilant eye and implements strict protocols to ensure the well-being of every dog in their care. From secure play areas to regular health check-ups, your dog's safety and health are always a top priority.

Moreover, The Wag Club understands that each dog has unique needs and preferences. Whether your furry friend craves adventurous outdoor excursions, engaging social interactions, or simply a cozy spot for relaxation, the club's team goes the extra mile to cater to individual requirements.

The Wag Club's dedication extends beyond basic care; they genuinely strive to create a home-away-from-home experience. With their warm and loving approach, your dog will receive personalized attention and affection, making their stay at The Wag Club a joyful and memorable one.

So, when you're planning your next trip and need a reliable and top-notch dog boarding service in Golders Green, trust The Wag Club to provide the exceptional care your beloved canine companion deserves. Experience the peace of mind knowing that your dog is in capable hands, enjoying a delightful stay in a nurturing environment at The Wag Club.


doggy daycare north London

Doggy Day Care

£40 full day stay
dog grooming north west London


Prices on application

Puppy Package

£25 per day


Address: 26 St Albans Lane, London
NW11 7QE
Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 18:30 Phone: 020 8209 3095
Licence number: AWBORD/21/65139


About The Wag Club

  • The Wag Club Beginnings

    In late 2013, Jamie - who now sits on the Board of Directors for the Pet Industry Federation - returned home from Los Angeles with his dog Boo in tow but he couldn’t find a day care which suited his needs. They were all outside London which meant a travel time of over 2 hours each way. That didn’t seem quite right, so after many months of planning, The Wag Club was born…

  • The Wag Club is Born

    The Wag Club started out in Highgate with just one dog on our first day. Within a matter of months, we were full so we relocated to our current unit in Muswell Hill where we have the beautiful Parkland Walk right over our door step which leads through to Ally Pally...

  • daycare2

    The Second Branch

    In January 2017, we opened our second branch in West Hampstead as we looked to spread our doggy love far and wide. We filled this within 6 months, so we have now learnt our lesson and decided that big is beautiful by relocating to 3,000sq ft of space; just a 5 minute walk to Hampstead Heath...

  • golders_green

    The Third Branch

    We are opening our Golders Green branch in January 2022. After such a difficult couple of years for everyone, we were delighted to be able to extend our daycare offering further afield and this time we found 5,500 sq ft of space just moments from Hampstead Heath.

  • today


    Today, the Wag Club has grown into the most in-demand inner city day care in London. We provide total peace of mind and a service that will always be there for you. If you don’t believe us, come and see for yourselves. No minimum days but more importantly, minimal travel time. Our No.1 priority is that your dog is safe, but beyond that, we want your pup to love every minute they spend with us and to be howling for more. Your pooch will not just be cared for, it will be loved like one of our own…

  • wag-club
  • The Wag Club: Delivering Exceptional Doggy Care in Golders Green
  • When it comes to the welfare of our beloved four-legged companions, there can be no compromises. The Wag Club shines as an exceptional establishment for dog owners in North London, setting a high standard in the field of canine care. Focused on creating a secure, nurturing, and delightful space for dogs, The Wag Club has earned its reputation as the most coveted doggy day care in the city.
  • The Wag Club's origin story is as distinctive as it is inspiring. In the latter part of 2013, Jamie, driven by his passion for dogs and accompanied by his loyal companion Boo, arrived back in London from Los Angeles. To his dismay, Jamie discovered that none of the existing day cares in the city met his standards. These options were situated far away from the urban center, necessitating extensive travel time. Faced with this predicament, Jamie was determined to establish a doggy day care that would provide both convenience and unwavering quality, setting The Wag Club on its unique path.
  • The Wag Club embarked on its journey with a humble beginning, commencing its operations in Highgate with just a single dog on its inaugural day. However, word spread swiftly, and the demand for their exceptional services escalated rapidly. Within a few months, the facility reached its maximum capacity, necessitating a move to its present unit in Muswell Hill. Nestled close to the idyllic Parkland Walk and within proximity to the breathtaking Ally Pally, this location offers an ideal setting for dogs to revel in exploration and play, enhancing their experience at The Wag Club.
  • Buoyed by the triumph of its initial branch, The Wag Club seized the opportunity to expand its horizons. In January 2017, the second branch emerged in West Hampstead, extending its exceptional doggy care services to a broader community. The response was overwhelming, with the branch swiftly reaching its full capacity within a mere six months. To cater to the growing demand, The Wag Club made yet another relocation. Now nestled in a generous expanse spanning 3,000 square feet, and conveniently situated just a short stroll away from the captivating Hampstead Heath, the West Hampstead branch offers abundant space for dogs to frolic and revel in a nurturing environment brimming with love and care.
  • Building upon its solid foundation of achievements, The Wag Club embarked on a new milestone by inaugurating its third branch in Golders Green in January 2022. This expansion marked another remarkable step towards offering exceptional daycare services to an even larger community of dog owners. Encompassing an impressive expanse of 5,500 square feet, the Golders Green location provides ample room for dogs to explore, mingle, and forge new connections. Situated in close proximity to the enchanting Hampstead Heath, this branch ensures both convenience and an idyllic setting for dogs to thrive in a nurturing environment.
  • In the present day, The Wag Club has solidified its position as the ultimate destination for dog owners in search of top-notch care for their cherished companions. The club's unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled peace of mind has earned them a reputation as the go-to establishment. What sets The Wag Club apart from other daycare facilities is its dedication to reliability and accessibility. Unlike many others, there is no minimum attendance requirement, offering flexibility to dog owners. The club's focus extends beyond mere safety, as their utmost priority is to ensure that each and every dog has a truly delightful experience, leaving them eagerly anticipating their next visit. At The Wag Club, every four-legged guest is not merely cared for; they are genuinely loved, treated as if they were part of the team's own family.
  • Whether you opt for the West Hampstead, Muswell Hill, or Golders Green branches in North London, rest assured that The Wag Club will surpass your expectations. With their highly knowledgeable staff, impeccable facilities, and unwavering commitment to fostering a nurturing environment, The Wag Club guarantees that your beloved four-legged companion will receive the utmost care they deserve. So why delay? Pay a visit to The Wag Club today and experience firsthand the boundless joy and happiness they bring to the lives of countless dogs and their devoted owners.


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